Organization and support during the placement of adolescents and adults

"In order for employers to find and recruit the right human resources, MD STUDIES & RECRUITMENT’ recruitment services is the best solution"



In collaboration with MD STUDIES & RECRUITMENT, employers can find qualified staff and also save time and money in the process of finding and hiring the appropriate personnel.

Our company undertakes all the stages of the recruitment process:

• Designing of candidate profiles based on specific job requirements
• Choosing the ways to be used for finding suitable candidates
• Enabling the search for candidates
• Identifying the ideal candidates
• Interviewing

Your benefits:

• Early recruitment of skilled professionals and executives
• Save time and money by avoiding the whole selection process
• Perfect Match: Suitable filling of your vacant post
• Candidates with above average abilities
• Effective enrichment of your team of employees
• Reduce turnover of staff
• Quality assurance through standardized testing and training systems