The Job Of My Life

The sponsored educational programme to support the vocational mobility of young people who are interested in vocational training in Germany (Mobipro-ΕΕ)

The German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs is promoting the mobility of young EUcitizens in the European labour market. The special programme “Job of my Life” aims to help to reduce unemployment amongst young Europeans and to ensure a trained workforce in Germany. Through targeted support, young EE citizens who are between 18 and 27 years old and who have completed high school as a minimum qualification, will be able to complete their training in the field of their choice in Germany.

Participants in the programme will be given support by the German government to ensure that they acquire the language skills necessary for them to be able to take the training classes without any problems. They will also receive social support and practical training during their vocational training so that they are both socially and professionally successful. The aim of the programme is to provide successful support for vocational education and apprenticeship in Germany. Participants will receive linguistic, practical and social support/education during their vocational training.

After participants have successfully completed the German language course in home country  and in Germany, they will begin six weeks’ practical training during which they will be able to learn the profession they are to be trained in at the company which will employ them.

Participants will be paid 818 Euro per month throughout their training and apprenticeship to ensure that they are able to meet their day to day needs. Financial support will be increased by 130 Euro per month for each child the participant is looking after in Germany.

The costs of moving to Germany plus two journeys a year to the participant’s home country will be covered by the programme.

The participation process for young european citizens who are interested in the programme includes the following steps:

  • Enrolment Application (in Greece) by 24/12/2015

  • Finalisation of the list of participants after the programme implementation being approved by the competent German Authorities.

  • Preliminary introductory courses (in homecountry)

  • German Language courses from beginners’ level up to level B1 (in homecountry)

  • Skype Interview to find a company that will provide work experience

  • Examination of progress in learning German. Only those who get at least 60% in the examination will be able to continue in Germany

  • German Courses in Germany and apprenticeships

  • Start of vocational training courses and work experience (in Germany)


The sectors for dual vocational training are:

  • Industrial engineer

  • Construction engineer

  • Construction works technician

  • Electrician

  • Electronics engineer (Energy and Construction)

  • Air conditioning and heating engineer

  • Plumber

  • Carpenter

  • Warehouse manager

  • Nursing home nurse

  • Hotel and professional catering

  • Chef

  • Salesman

  • Gardener

  • Baker

  • Hairdresser

  • Butcher

  • Confectioner

  • Metals technician

  • Car mechanic

  • Food salesman

  • Computer technician


Programme Benefits:

  • Three years of Vocational Training (in Germany)

  • Theoretical and work experience (in Germany)

  • Insurance coverage

  • Monthly salary to cover personal expenses (818 euro) during vocational training in Germany

  • Expenses for journey from home country to Germany and two trips a year to home country.

  • Free German lessons in home country and in Germany at level Β1.



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