MD HELLAS STUDIES & RECRUITMENT specializes in the organization and support during the placement work of adolescents and adults on the island of Crete.

The services of our business in Crete are:

1. Providing locations for placement in retail, wholesale, warehouse, medical, tourism, travel agencies, car rental agencies, hotels (depending on season), technical and industrial occupations, design, advertising, organizing events etc.
2. Providing support during the stay on Crete by German-speaking counsellors.
3. Providing participants with reservations and renting apartments (which are well equipped and located in the area of the city e.g. Michel Apartments ( or Hotel Marirena (, and other equivalent accommodation.
4. Providing transport from the airport or port to the apartments.
5. Recommending a car rental service if needed.
6. Organizing educational trips e.g. in the south of Crete, Knossos and other joint events.
7. Language courses in English, Greek etc.
8. Organising seminars/workshops.

MD HELLAS STUDIES & RECRUITMENT can also accommodate groups of up to 25 people. We will be very glad to come and introduce you to both the island of Crete and the available internships.

Our company has extensive experience in training, after 12 years of cooperation with the following German educational institutions:

• TIBOR GmbH Thüringen
• GBB MBH Training Company Berlin
• Multicultural Forum Lünen
• Comhard GMBH Berlin
• Zuko GMBH Berlin


SAanja21jAnja 21y
I like my job at the pet store very much. Crete is a beautiful island and people here are very friendly.

SAlaura21jLaura 21y
Crete can not be described, only experienced. Working as a photographer gives me so much pleasure and I learn lots of things.

SAdenise25jDenise 25y
I work in a small family business, a flower shop and I love it so much. The attitude is good and people here are so cordial. I enjoyed the time I have spent here and I will miss everything so much.

SApatrick26jPatrick 26y
I have been in Crete for two months and I am doing my practice at Apollonia Hotel (5*). By working at the hotel I get experience about how the service department works and I will go back to Germany with positive experiences.

SAgenevieve26jGenevieve 26y
Crete is an incredibly beautiful island. My work in a veterinary clinic gives me much pleasure. People are very friendly and willing to help.

SAannemarie22jAnnemarie 22y
I work as a photographer and my job was to edit photos and among others, go to weddings. It was a really nice two months and left me with inspiration and objectivity about the future.