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  • In MD Hellas Studies & Recruitment we are finding work, hosting internships and implementing European programs.

  • Moreover, we are establishing partnerships with private and public bodies, educational and vocational education institutions, companies and student groups.

  • In 20 years of experience we have created training and work opportunities abroad for more than 5,000 people and have hosted more than 10,000 students.
  • Services that we offer you

    Internship in Greece

    Do you want to gain valuable work experience abroad in the field you have chosen, work with people in your field, and improve your knowledge of the foreign language? Are you a vocational school, transnational mobility organization, vocational school graduate, or parent interested in doing your internship abroad independently or through Erasmus +? . 


    As an innovative staffing company, are given an appropriate place in a company with a job that suits you.
    Through MD STUDIES & RECRUITMENT you can:
    • Find interesting positions in attractive companies and clinics in various sectors
    • Get intensive preparation for interviews
    • Have full support and guidance to achieve your career goals