About Us

The company MD Hellas Studies & Recruitment based in Greece and specifically in Heraklion-Crete started its operation in 1999 as an academic organization based on the provision of education and work in Greece and abroad.
By securing collaborations with recruitment & placement agencies, employers, vocational schools and educational institutions within its 20-year course, it has managed to send more than 5,000 people for training and work abroad and to host more than 10,000.
Our experience in finding work, hosting internships and implementing European programs is a solid foundation from which we can start new partnerships with private and public bodies, educational and vocational education institutions, companies and student groups. We specialize in creating a personalized experience, a perfect fit between culture and language, professional experiences and academic education.

Availability of staff, specialized or not, from Greece, Bulgaria and Croatia to foreign countries, mainly Germany and England.

Accommodation of senior students (groups-individuals) of vocational schools, colleges, schools from abroad in order to implement their internship in Crete through Erasmus +.
Hosting teachers & professors to attend courses & seminars related to their specialty but also individually.
Soon our company will be able to send Greek graduates of vocational schools and colleges abroad in order to implement their internship through Erasmus +.

The company organizes apprenticeships in Greece for those interested from abroad as well as apprenticeships in Germany for those interested abroad. Provides daily advice and assistance during the procedures before and after the apprenticeship, as well as during the stay in Greece and abroad. It offers social and language education as well as psychological support. Organizes various cultural seminars and excursions to make the stay an overall experience with all aspects.
It has implemented European mobility programs such as Mobi Pro, Leonardo Da Vinci, IDA (Integration durch Austausch), Erasmus + and continues to this day as a hosting organization for pupils and students. The year 2021 hosted 350 people from abroad who chose to do their internship in Heraklion-Crete, offering them hospitality, suitable places in the appropriate fields of work and cultural events.

The international team of the company consists of trained specialists, teachers, administrative and financial staff and consultants who speak Greek, German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. In addition, we collaborate with local psychologists and sociologists.
The staff that plays a key role in the ERASMUS + ΚΑ1 & ΚΑ2 program provides in-depth knowledge of German, Greek and English, as well as intercultural verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They are trained in human resource management, as they have many years of work experience and studies in this field but also excellent knowledge in the field of tourism. They understand what it means to experience different cultures, not only in terms of interpersonal relationships, but also in terms of working conditions. In addition, they are all basically trained in the field of psycho-sociology, which makes them capable of dealing with other people. Our staff knows very well from their own experience about cultural diversity and how important it is to know, recognize, internalize and adapt to different cultural aspects in the labor market as well.
We believe in the importance of continuing learning and cultural education due to the establishment and evaluation of a sustainable European labor market.

Our headquarters are located in Heraklion-Crete, in the capital of the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest island on the Mediterranean coast. Beautiful beaches, archeological sites with perhaps the best climate in Europe and a vibrant nightlife. Crete is the island with the highest tourist traffic among all the islands of Greece.

Means of transport
The transportation of our guests is done by public transport. We provide all guests with monthly unlimited bus tickets.

Accommodation rooms with a capacity of 1 to 4 people are provided in residential complexes fully equipped, furnished & with free WiFi.
The apartments are located in the tourist area of Heraklion-Crete, Ammoudara, 5 km from the center of Heraklion and next to the beach. The bus station is very close to the apartments.