Who We Are

MD HELLAS Studies & Recruitment is an educational- and placement organization that supports and conducts European programs [e.g.: LEONARDO, ERASMUS+, IDA 1, 2 (TLN-Mobility), MobiPro-EU etc].

We organize internships abroad (i.e. from European countries to Greece and from Greece to Europe).
We also provide apprenticeships and take care of the placement of academic personnel and personnel from other specialties abroad

The company is based in Heraklion on the island of Crete/Greece and the main areas of our service, since the day of our foundation, are:

• Assistance and support of European educational programs
• Organization, implementation, support and assistance during the IDA I and IDA II programs on Crete
• Internship placement
• Advice and assistance during the search for jobs and the stay on Crete
• Social educational and psychological counseling / support
• Language courses
• Organizing  seminars on Crete
• Organizing cultural and educational trips
• Recruitment of specialized scientific personnel from Greece (e.g. doctors, engineers and other qualified personnel or trainees) to other countries in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and other countries)
•  Preparing individual application documents

Our team consists of trained specialists, sociologists, psychologists, physicians, administrative and financial staff, language teachers as well as German,  English, Bulgarian and Italian speaking consultants.

The high demands and standards we have in our field, are fulfilled by daily interaction with our partners p.e.: Companies, foundations, non-profit organizations, universities, technical schools and other educational institutions. This interaction ensures high quality and fully achieves our set goals.